Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Anniversary Dallas Street Church

It's hard to believe, but it was a year ago this month that the Dallas Street Church began. Some names and faces have changed. We've lost some folks, and added some, but the work of making disciples and taking Jesus to the Streets of Dallas continues. If you had told me a year and a half ago I would be starting a church on the Streets of Dallas, I would have said you were crazy. We have no permanent meeting place. We meet outside if the weather's good enough. If not we'll go to the library or the Subway sandwich shop across from the library. Some Saturday afternoon at 1:30, if you don't have something to do, feel free to join us.

Meanwhile, Happy one year Anniversary Dallas Street Church

Monday, January 28, 2008

Great Day Saturday

Saturday, we had a great day on the Streets. Kelly had to work, but she came down for an hour or so to have lunch with the guys. She had been gone on vacation, so this is the first time we had seen her in threet weeks.

Ben also joined us a little later in the day.

It was our usual core group including Bill, John S., and David. After they guys finished their lunch, we got into our bible study. This was the third week of studying the baptism of the Holy Spirit and being full of the Spirit. As we finished the bible study, I asked them what they thought about it and if they believed they needed to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They all said they did.

As I did this, a small Asian woman entered the Subway sandwich shop where we were studying. She saw us with out bibles open, and she lit up, Praising God.

I invited her to join us and bought her some lunch. As she sat down she shared his testimony. She shared how she had once had over half a million dollars but the Lord told her to start giving it away, that he was her source and provision. She said she was tied to her money and the Lord wanted her free. So she obeyed. As she went on it was obvious that she was really learning to live by faith in a way that few of us actually do.

The Lord told her to come to Dallas and work with the Homeless. Saturday was her second day downtown and she said she was just walking around and the Lord told her to come into the restaraunt to get something to eat. It was amazing because she started speaking about being baptized in the Holy Spirit, just what we had been studying about.

I believed this was the Lord moving into the situation. So I asked her to describe her experience with the Lord and she began to speak. It followed almost exactly what I had taught the guys. Now they were really open. In the mouths of two or more witnesses let every word be established.

Subway was closing, so we went over in front of City Hall. All three of our guys were touched by the Lord. Bill began speaking in tongues the moment we layed hand hands on him, as did John S. It was powerful. Bill actually ended up on his knees right in front of City Hall in downtown Dallas crying out and worshiping God. It was powerful. John had the sensation of heat come all over them.

We explained that the purpose of what they had experienced was to serve and minister.

I do know one thing, they received a touch from God, that absolutely proved God's enormous love for them in a powerful way. Bill quickly got with Ben and started praying for him. It was really powerful.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Christmas with the Homeless 2007

On Monday morning, December 24th 2007, a large group of people representing a number of simple churches and one traditional large church arrived at a parking lot across from Dallas City hall to minister to the homeless. The message was, “we’re here to demonstrate Jesus’ love for you. Society may have forgotten about you, but Jesus has not forgotten you.”

A small group of homeless started to congregate as Adam Clay, leader of City on a Hill Connection, a network of simple churches started leading out in some Christmas songs. As the worship continued, the group of homeless grew larger. Michael, who is part of the Crossing and is starting a gathering himself was a real blessing bringing several containers of Starbuck’s coffee which was welcome by the volunteers and homeless alike.

One person shared a short message on the purpose of the Christmas celebration, reminding people that Jesus isn’t a baby any more. After the message, the gift bags (with winter hats, and socks), gloves, blankets, underwear, coats, and some food were given out, little ministry gatherings formed all around the parking lot as volunteers ministered to and prayed for the homeless.

One young woman was looking for help. She, her husband, and their young son were homeless. Her husband had just found a job and had started working, but hadn’t been paid yet. We weren’t able to meet all of her needs, but we were able to bless her with a little bit of cash and $30.00 in McDonald gift cards so she and her family could eat. She was really blessed by the help.

Meanwhile, three of the Dallas Street Church family went out looking for the homeless to tell them what was available to bless them. John saw one of his friends, Reggie. Reggie kept saying he had to come to the Lord, he was so far away. But he didn’t know what to do. John shared his testimony and he and Kelly ministered to him. He prayed to receive Christ on the street.

Larry and Flora Wilson minister to the homeless out of Shady Grove church, a large church in Grand Prairie, Texas. As they ministered to one man, it became obvious he was bound. They took the time to pray and minister deliverance to him. Jesus set him free from a great deal of demonic activity.

More than two hundred people were served and ministered to as Christ was shared and needs were met. There were representatives of the Dallas Street Church, The Crossing, The Way, and Shady Grove Church participating. Robin Yeldell of Moss Farm House Church as well as the DFW Organic Church Connection along with people from other local simple churches brought hats socks gloves, coats, and other items.

It was a wonderful time of Christians from multiple churches coming together to serve the homeless and to honor Jesus in celebration of his birthday.

For more photos, click HERE.

Welcome to Dallas Street Stories

My name is John Lunt. In October 2006, the Lord spoke clearly that he wanted me to go to the streets of Dallas and minister to the Homeless.

In January 2007, that effort evolved into the Dallas Street Church. This blog will include updates and stories about what God does in a church that literally meets on the streets of Dallas.

I will probably include some personal opinion pieces as well, and I hope that we can engage in some positive conversations about what it means for a Christian to be missional.

Thanks for dropping by.