Monday, April 28, 2008


Last week I was on Robin Yardell's and Roger Kegg's Podcast, "Road to Emmeus."
If you want to know some of my story, check it out there.

Good News from the Streets

On Saturday I ran late getting downtown. I was about half an hour late. We normally start at 1:30 and I arrived at 2:00. What I found really encouraged me. The guys had already had a time of worship and were already into the bible study when I arrived. I was so encouraged to see them taking the initiative. Munday was teaching on being our brother's keeper.

On the job front. Leonard has worked at his new job for a week and gets his first check later this week.

Bill was offered some temporary work that will probably last a few weeks. He is helping get a house ready for market. He started working on it last week.

Munday has several temporary jobs going. Early in the week he goes to Canton to work for a farmer. Then later in the week he is helping with restoration of a house with some other odd jobs.

We prayed for God to help each man get a job.

God is moving and I'm grateful.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Updates on Jobs

One of our guys got a job last week. He starts work this morning. Praise the Lord.
Two others have had interviews. The rest did put in several job applications.

One of our older guys, is a little discouraged. He has been putting in applications for several weeks. He really worked to better himself, going through a special computer course at a local community college. He successfully completed the course, earning a certificate showing that he had become proficient using a number of applications. He dresses well and carries himself well. Unfortunately, he feels like he isn't being hired because of a misdemeanor assault charge back in his past - and his age.

Those of you who read this. If you can pray that God will give these guys favor with employers. I believe God wants them to work. I believe the Word of God makes that clear. They are now taking steps, acting in faith, trying to do their part. But we need help from the Lord.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Taking the Step

This past Saturday I met with our little street church. We didn't do our usual activity. Instead, the Lord laid it on my heart to help these guys move forward with getting a job. They have all said they wanted to work, so my mission was to try to take away an obstacle.

I made a withdrawal from my checking account and met with each of the guys one on one. We talked about what they needed to move on. They all needed dockers or dress pants. A couple needed shoes. Some needed shirts. Some needed socks and underwear. Others needed deoderant. I tried to make sure each had enough money to get what they needed along with money for DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) passes.

Some asked why we didn't just get their sizes and go get the clothes for them. Wouldn't that be more responsible. In a lot of cases it would. However, these guys have to start taking some responsibilty themselves. I believe that's what God wants and that's the direction we are moving.

Each man told me he had somewhere he could go to clean up, shower, shave, etc. So that wouldn't be an obstacle for them. It was mainly the clothing and transportation.

One of our men Bill, said he had been trying to get a job all that week, but he was running into trouble because he didn't have his own car. When they saw that he had to ride the bus, they weren't interested. That of course was a downer to everyone. I reminded Bill and the rest that this is in God's hands and his Word makes it absolutely clear that he wants them to work. So we prayed. We prayed for favor. We asked God to move obstacles out of the way and we are believing God that he will help each of them get a job to start moving back to being part of the working world.

I believe we've helped establish a good foundation for most of these men, so I am hopeful, God will take this and do something wonderful with it.

If you read this and have the opportunity, please pray for Bill, John S., Reggie, Munday, and David as they try to start a new life. Even if they get a job, things will still be difficult until they can earn enough money to get an apartment. I'm hopeful that God will help in that as well.